Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One of My New Goals

One of my new goals for 2011 is to read more. I spend to much time on the internet, and seldom find time to read a book or even a magazine. With that in mind I spent a little time on my computer and came up with this little mini bookmark. I used the digital kit 'This One Life' by Connie Prince to make it.

You can download this mini bookmark as a hybrid project on her blog: Designs by Connie Prince. Take a look around.while you are there. She has lots of digital freebies on her blog..


Jan said...

CUTE bookmark :)
On my printing on fabric, I made my own...wash and dry muslin. I iron the shiny side of freezer paper to the back of the muslin. Trim to 8.5x11".
CAUTION...not all printers dig this invasion of their privacy so use at your own risk :) LOL
My printer does fine with this, but not all do :)

Jan said...

what cha readin', hmmmm?