Sunday, June 7, 2015

It's been almost two years since I posted last. My health took a down swing a little. Then it got worse. I still need surgery on both my left and right wrist and elbow. I was too sick to do the left arm when it finally got scheduled. I have been improving over the last two months. I am still not up for a whole day, but I am working on it. Does laying in bed on my back while using my computer count?
I have made a few cards, and I do mean few, over these last two years but forgot to take a picture. They were mostly for my mom. She is dying of cancer of the liver and it has spread to her lungs. The doctor just put her in for hospice. All we can do is keep her comfortable. She does not recognize anyone. If we tell her who we are and then leave the room for a minute, she does not know who we are again when we come back. It is very sad because I feel she thinks she is all alone. She does take hugs though which is so different from the way she was before all of this happened. She wasn't much of a hugging person then.
It has been hard on my health. I am not suppose to get upset, worry or do anything to bring on stress. I am not sure what planet my doctor lives on, but here in the real world there is plenty of all that and more so staying cool, calm and collective is not a reality for me.
I hope no one is turned off over me being so personal, but I needed to get it off of my chest in order to come to terms with it. I plan on doing more cards and things as I feel better. I made a birthday card with my mom in mind, but I know she won't make it to her birthday in July,
I plan on making cards for fun and then I will try to sell them once I have a small collection of them. There were so many things that I had planned to do in paper crafts, that I am set with the material to do them for the next two years at the least.. I also have lots of art supplies for that long as well.