Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doing Better

I have been feeling a lot better lately, but still need some minor surgery. I will still be posting just a few times a month, but I am getting better. Thanks for all of your kind wishes.
Now on to better topics. I have been doing a lot of digi art lately, and have found a few places on line to learn more techniques. I find I spend more time learning and playing than actually creating.
I also scrapped a page yesterday (physically meaning with paper). It was the first time I had since I became so ill. I think the last time I scrapped a page was in October.
I have 8 photos to scan and repair before I can do the next page though. I am still working on the 80's, and the photos are damaged some. No one even thought about acid free back then.


Jan said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better and were able to make a page :) Can't wait to see! I haven't tried the digi cause I'm not smart enough to figure it out ..LOL!

Jan said...

Hi glad you're doing better :) I suppose if they'd of thought of acid free several years ago it be great in some ways...but must admit I'd miss some of my aged papers, etc :)

paula kesselring said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog !!!!
You are on the giweaway list !!!!!

Jan said...

I'm glad you've been feeling better!! You're always so sweet to visit my blog and leave me some love and I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!